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Make it a Mindful Meeting

Food plays an integral part of nearly every conference, meeting and event we manage here at cinch Stadium at Franklin's Gardens so with objectives of being healthier for the planet, for our customers and guests – menus will, on a greater scale, focus on low carbon and sustainability.

How green is your food? Eco-labels can change the way we eat and from 2021, we will be introducing Eco-labels to our menus at cinch Stadium at Franklin's Gardens to help you make greener choices with food and make your meetings more mindful. 

Mindful Meetings at cinch Stadium at Franklin's Gardens

Our food is linked to about 1/3 of all human-made greenhouse gas emissions. So your meal choices have a big environmental impact. Choosing a lower impact score can reduce your carbon footprint. For example, did you know that one 200g steak is linked to the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as driving a car for 30 miles?

So, as part of our commitment to improve sustainability at cinch Stadium Franklin's Gardens, our menu items now carry eco-labels. The labels are colour-coded like a traffic light to show you the environmental impact of your meal. Foods with a label value of 'A' indicate a low environmental impact.

What is a Mindful Meeting in practice?

  • Using Eco LEAP (Livestock, Environment and People) labelling on all our dishes
  • Introducing a higher % of plant based dishes on the menus
  • Using British-sourced fruit and vegetables with no air freight produce in our menus
  • Offering unlimited tea and coffee, served in reusable crockery
  • Going paperless and using digital alternatives to paper as much as possible
  • Removing the use of single-use plastic
  • ​Offering a complimentary area for a ‘quiet, calm space’ for delegates to use if required

How will we make Mindful Meetings beneficial?

  • Our food will be nutritious but not at the detriment of great taste
  • We'll offer food well balanced in protein & carbohydrates to avoid the after lunch snooze
  • There will be more brain food on offer to aid concentration
  • There will be lots of space for those that want to factor in exercise breaks
  • We'll commit to a reduction of red meat
  • And we'll provide unlimited tap water to assist hydration

But don’t just take our word for it...

We will be embracing LEAP Eco-Labelling. LEAP (Livestock, Environment and People) will highlight which meals have a higher or lower environmental impact, with scoring based on greenhouse gas emissions, water scarcity, water pollution and biodiversity loss.

LEAP Eco-Labelling | Mindful Meetings at cinch Stadium at Franklin's Gardens

Mindful Meeting at cinch Stadium at Franklin's Gardens

Our team wants to provide an unmatchable experience for you and your guests. One of the ways we do this is by offering exclusive meeting room offers, including our popular Day Delegate Rate (DDR) and our new Mindful Meetings offer where a wide variety of meeting menus can be adapted to any requests.

Mindful Meetings rates range from £29.50 per person. 

If you would like to book or get more information about Mindful Meetings, please contact us via email at [email protected], call us on 01604 751543 or fill in an enquiry form on our Contact page today. 

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