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10 Ways to Get Your Office Ready for Christmas

It seems to come earlier and earlier every year, but if you’re hoping to really get your office into that festive spirit, a little planning goes a long way. 

The days are getting shorter, the weather colder and wetter, so why not try brightening up the office by getting it ready for Christmas? 

There are so many ways in which to prepare your office for Yuletide that you might not know where to start. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of 10 ways to get your office ready for Christmas, so you don’t have to! 

1. Fill the office with decorations

This is the first thing you should do if you want to make your office feel more Christmassy. Get in some tinsel, baubles, and other festive decorations and just get started! You can adorn the walls, desks, and computers with all manner of decorations to get people feeling the festive spirit. 

2. Get an office Christmas Tree

This is the next stage in making your office turn Christmassy. Maybe even go for a real tree so the office gets filled with that lovely, Christmas pine smell. 

3. Send Christmas cards to employees

Christmas cards are a really nice way to spread joy and the Christmas spirit around the office. Get people to bring in cards to give out to each other. 

4. Do a Secret Santa

Secret Santa is another key aspect of Christmas in the office. Draw names out of a hat and get people to buy each other gifts of all kinds. This can be made cheap with a max-spend budget too!

5. Organise a Christmas Party 

The office Christmas Party is another tradition you just can’t overlook. Whether it’s in the office, or another venue, putting on a good party can be a great way to end the year with some fun and bring the whole office together. 

6. Play Christmas music in the office

If it’s not too distracting, you could also put on some Christmas music in the background whilst people work. When paired with the decorations and Christmas tree, you’re bound to create that warm, jolly, festive feeling throughout the whole office. 

7. Have an office Advent Calendar

Another good idea is to have an office advent calendar. It doesn’t even have to be a physical advent calendar. Every day you could just have a prize draw or small treat for everyone in the office. 

8. Christmassy dress-down days

When Christmas is really nearing, it’s time to break out those fantastic festive jumpers that never get worn at any other time of the year. In place of the normal dress-down Friday, you could encourage people to come in dressed in their worst or best Christmas jumper. Maybe even give out a prize for the most festive.

9. Go out for a Christmas meal 

Similar to the Christmas party, a Christmas meal out can be a really great bonding experience for the whole office, as well as being a really good morale boost as the year comes to an end. And it could even be an excuse to cut the workday short and go for a big lunch!

10. Go for a Christmas cinema trip 

Finally, you could all go on a Christmas cinema trip. This is definitely a less common way of celebrating the festive period, but there’s no shortage of films out in December – both blockbusters and Christmas flicks. 


Thank you for reading this Franklin’s Gardens blog post – we hope now you have plenty of plans to get your office ready for this coming Christmas. If you would like to find out more about how we can help your office great ready for Christmas with a Christmas Party, then get in contact with us on 01604 751543. Alternatively, you can send any enquiries by visiting our contact page.

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