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2022 Meeting & Event Trends

Event trends give a snapshot of what the latest events will look like. Keeping up with the innovative and exciting event trends helps you plan to stay ahead of your competitors. To give yourself the best chance of success when planning your next event, we’ve listed 5 of the biggest event trends in 2022.

5 Biggest Event Trends In 2022

  1. Digital Experiences
  2. Sustainability
  3. Smaller & Intimate Events
  4. Focus On Health & Safety
  5. More Meaningful Events

Digital Experiences

This time last year in the UK we were coming out of lockdown and in-person events were an exciting possibility again. Despite the tremendous difficulties government restrictions placed on the events industry, after investing in new and innovative infrastructure, meetings and conferences were still able to take place online. In 2022, remote events are here to stay, however, as we can all attend events in person again hybrid events are a huge trend to watch out for.

In a more on-demand age than ever before, it makes sense that people want to consume events in their own time. The rise of hybrid and remote events allows organisers to upload presentations, meetings, and content for virtual attendees to watch at their leisure. 

Creating a digital experience alongside your in-person conference or meeting increases your event’s reach and visibility.

Over the next few years, an event app or website is going to become normal for every conference or meeting. Smartphones allow guests to interact with everyone attending your event, whether they’re there in person or logging in online. You could also use the app to help attendees ask questions during a presentation.


Each year, the understanding of how our own actions impact the planet grows. People, especially young professionals, are more climate-conscious than ever before. That’s why, in 2022, we’re going to see a big trend in sustainability and eco-friendly meetings and events. Whether it’s reducing the amount of waste or ensuring recyclable materials are throughout the event venue, sustainable events are a trend that will continue way beyond 2022.

Only choosing reusable and biodegradable materials for your event is one of the most effective ways to increase sustainability. It’s a simple decision that can greatly reduce the waste output from your event. 50% of event planners were taking this approach back in 2020 and it’s only going to increase from 2022 onwards.

Smaller & Intimate Events

For events in 2022, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Smaller, intimate events can be more engaging and insightful for attendees. Fewer faces not only make it easier for a conference speaker to capture the imaginations of guests but help attendees to focus and concentrate. Fewer attendees also encourage interactions between event staff, speakers, and guests, which helps build trust.

In years gone by, events grew in size and scope but the pandemic put a stop to that entirely. Event organisers were forced online, where it can be even harder for guests to interact with each other and presenters. As we remerge into normality, having fewer attendees creates a more personal event. It makes it easier for you to convey your message and gives a face and personality to your brand.

Focus On Health & Safety

Post-lockdown, the world has entered a new normal. People are more conscious of their health and safety than ever before. There is more knowledge on bacteria and how infectious diseases spread now everyone on Earth has lived through a pandemic. When guests attend an event they want to know that their health and safety have been considered.

A simple way for event organisers to do this is by placing hand sanitiser stations around the event venue. You could also place signs around the venue saying that guests are welcome to wear a face-covering if that makes them feel more comfortable. Another way to improve your event while reducing the risk of covid transmission is to space out seating in a meeting room. Social distancing is no longer mandatory but can still be beneficial to your event.

More Meaningful Events

Remote events have unlocked a world of potential for event organisers and attendees. Previously the choice would be whether to attend an event or not. Now, everyone has the choice of whether to attend online or visit the venue in person. Whether it's general concerns around coronavirus or the flexibility of digital events, if you want to inspire people to open their front door and attend your event, you need to offer them valuable, meaningful experiences.

Ask yourself, why will people want to attend your event? In a post-lockdown world, many professionals will be attending your event for the opportunity to network face to face with other guests. Before 2022, lots of people took for granted events where they could chat with like-minded individuals. In person, networking and presentations are valuable experiences you can use to encourage people to attend your event. 

Adding value to your event doesn’t have to dramatically increase your budget. As an event organiser, you should focus on what your attendees are getting out of your event. What’s the unique selling point? Emphasising these points ensures your event is meaningful and relevant to your target audience.

cinch Stadium at Franklin’s Gardens Event Venue

At cinch Stadium at Franklin’s Gardens, our team is constantly monitoring the latest event trends for exciting opportunities. If you’re an event organiser, choose a unique event venue that inspires your guests. Call our team at Franklin’s Gardens today on 01604 751543 or visit our contact page to enquire further.

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