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Audio Visual Equipment Checklist For Event Planners

If you’re an event planner, you will likely have experience organising AV equipment. When you’re setting up a presentation, music performance, or conference, it can be a challenge to know the best AV equipment to use. Not to mention how to set up the equipment. But if you can get your audio and visual equipment right for your event, you can improve the experience of all your attendees and guests.

Audio equipment lets your speakers be heard and keeps your guests entertained. High-quality visual equipment, such as projectors, allows your guests to view any presentations clearly; ensuring they have the best experience possible. AV equipment should work invisibly in the background of your event to help you ensure everything goes to plan.

What is AV Equipment?

AV equipment includes a wide range of electronic media devices that have audio and visual (sound and sight) elements. What is defined as AV equipment varies between different conference venues and meeting rooms. So as an event planner it’s important to understand exactly what equipment you need for your event to go off without a hitch. 

Explore our AV equipment checklist below to understand all the options available for your event.

Your AV Equipment Checklist For Events

While definitions of equipment may differ, here are some of the most common types of conference audio/visual equipment.

  • In-House Lighting – You can adapt the lighting at your meeting or conference venue. If your event is taking place over multiple rooms, check if the lighting is adjustable in each location. Supplemental lighting equipment may be necessary if there is a stage at your event or if the venue’s rooms don’t have adequate in-house lighting.
  • Microphones – If you want your presenters to be heard clearly in a large venue, you will need microphones. Depending on your requirements, you need to choose wired or wireless options, as well as a table or floor stand.
  • Sound Systems – Does the venue have its own in-house speakers and sound systems? If they’re not adequate or don’t have speakers at all, then you will need to look at hiring or purchasing your own sound systems.
  • Mixer/Soundboard – A mixing console is an electronic device that helps combine the sounds emitted from different audio signals. Having a soundboard allows you to control feedback, balance the sound, and adjust the volume levels of all microphones.
  • Projectors – In-house conference/meeting audio and visual equipment may include projectors. Depending on what you want to show, you may need a more specialist device or one with the ability to project onto a wider screen.
  • Electrical Supply – It’s not only AV equipment you have to organise a power supply for. All electrical devices need an electrical supply, so you may need to plan for additional sources of electricity to power your event.
  • Video Recorders – There are many types of video cameras, which means some are better than others. For a high-quality recording, you will need an excellent video camera placed in a position that highlights the best parts of your event.
  • Desktops – Computers can often be forgotten about when managing AV equipment, however, they play an important role in running your event.
  • Two-Way Radios – For your event’s staff, being able to communicate clearly across the event venue may be essential. Two-way radios offer a fast and reliable way to contact people, wherever they are in the venue.
  • Screens – Projectors aren’t the only way to show your attendees a presentation. You can use screens to play videos or slideshows. You can also place screens around your venue to deliver messages or add to the atmosphere of your event.
  • Equipment Technicians – With all this technical equipment, you may need an on-site equipment technician to fix any issues before they escalate.

Planning An Event With AV Equipment

1. Establish Your Requirements

Every event is going to have different goals. For a large conference with many attendees, you will need different AV equipment than if you’re organising a meeting for a few key guests. Before you can decide on your AV equipment needs, you must establish the requirements of your event.

If you’re organising a large conference, you will need to utilise a variety of AV equipment. Perhaps multiple speakers will be addressing a large number of guests. To ensure they can deliver the best presentation possible you will need a staging area, lighting, microphones, and a sound mixer. Understanding the equipment you need makes planning your event much simpler.

2. Consult With Your Conference Venue

Before making a purchase or hiring equipment, there are a few key questions to ask your venue. 

  1. What AV equipment do you have available to use?
  2. Can we bring in our own equipment? Is there a cost to this?
  3. What areas of the rooms need to be kept clear of obstructions such as stages or equipment?
  4. Are there any factors that could interfere with a projector?
  5. Do you have rigging capabilities for specialist lighting?

These are just a few of the questions you need to ask as an event planner. Before booking a venue, check they have the capabilities to allow you to use the necessary conference audio/visual equipment. 

Assess the AV equipment the venue has available in-house. Any additional equipment needs must be factored into your budget. You should also test the equipment to understand if it matches your requirements.

3. Plan How To Use Your Equipment

After you’ve established your requirements and found the ideal venue, it’s time to set up your event. Meet with your venue’s event team to determine a set-up time for all equipment and organise any necessary rehearsals. 

For any presentations or performances, you should arrange a run-through. This will highlight any potential problems so you can fix them before the day of your event. You may also want to oversee the set-up of any AV equipment if applicable.

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