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What Are The Benefits Of Shared Christmas Parties?

Sometimes as a small business, your work night-out options can feel limited, but they don’t have to be! A shared Christmas party is an event you and your staff enjoy alongside other companies and is the perfect way to end the year if you’re an SME business. Planning a Christmas event for your team is a challenge. You have to find the perfect Christmas party venue, delicious catering, and enjoyable entertainment. 

If you don’t have a large team, hosting a large event like this may be impossible. However, shared Christmas parties are the perfect way to end the year in style. You can have a large, unforgettable event that many people love, even if you have a team of fewer than 12 people.

Let’s explore the biggest benefits of booking a shared Christmas party for your business this year.

The Big Shared Christmas Party Benefits

  1. Have a Big Party as a Small Business
  2. Socialise with New People
  3. Save on Costs
  4. All the Fun with No Stress - No Organisation Required
  5. Reward a Year’s Hard Work

Have a Big Party as a Small Business

Planning a Christmas party is often easier for big corporations. They have a limitless budget, endless guest list, and sometimes event industry contacts to help them too. Booking a shared Christmas party venue lets you plan the perfect Christmas event even if you’re a small business. A shared Christmas party allows you to be part of something bigger, an event that staff will talk about for years to come.

Booking out a large Christmas party event venue, the perfect entertainment, and catering comes at a cost. Besides, it won’t even be worth it if only a handful of guests are attending your massive end-of-year celebrations. A shared Christmas party allows you to enjoy a huge event, alongside hundreds of guests, for an affordable price too.

Socialise with New People

A night out with your colleagues is a great way to put a full stop to the end of the business in 2021. For years, Christmas parties have been many company owner’s favourite ways to do so. Large corporations that employ hundreds, potentially thousands, of people, can bring employees together at these events who have never met before. This is all part of the fun, as staff can make new friends and enjoy the party with new people.

If you’re a smaller business, you may not have this luxury. Meeting new people, sharing the dancefloor with hundreds of more guests, and socialising at the bar all create an incredible atmosphere. Along with great entertainment and amazing decorations, having multiple businesses attending your Christmas party creates an event that’s impossible to recreate with a smaller guest list.

Save on Costs

The best thing about shared Christmas parties is you can have a bigger event, for fewer costs. They’re a cost-effective way to plan your end-of-year bash. Anyone who’s planned a Christmas party can tell you, it can be difficult to get the budget to stretch far enough. For a small business, managing the escalating costs of your Christmas party is even more difficult.

When you choose a shared Christmas party, you pay less per head. A smaller event will need each person to pay more to cover the costs of hiring the Christmas party venue, as well as all the other fun experiences. Whereas with a shared event, you only pay for the ticket which includes food, entertainment, and sometimes the drinks are thrown in too!

All Fun, No Stress - No Organisation Needed

After a year’s hard work, a Christmas party is the perfect opportunity to let your hair down and unwind. While it’s all fun and games for the guests, organising the event can sometimes be anything but fun. Instead of leaving one person from the business stressed, choose a shared party to take away the burden of organising.

All you have to do is collect your tickets and turn up on the night looking your best. There will be an unforgettable event venue with festive decorations, delicious food options for all dietary requirements, and entertainment you can trust will be fun for the whole night. All without any of the stress that comes from organising.

Reward a Year’s Hard Work

The past year and more has been difficult for everyone. Many people didn’t attend a Christmas work-do last year - at least not in person. Unfortunately, due to the lockdowns, a lot of businesses were forced onto Zoom for their end-of-year parties. That’s why there’s more reason than ever to celebrate your hard work than with a massive Christmas party.

After a stressful time, a shared party lets you enjoy all the benefits of a big event, without the large costs or the stress of planning it. Show your staff you’ve valued their hard work through a difficult period for businesses. A shared Christmas party is the perfect way to reward them by giving them a great night full of fun and laughter.

All you need to do now is find the perfect venue. At Franklin’s Gardens, we’re hosting many shared Christmas parties throughout December. With a variety of unique event packages available, don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend an amazing end-of-year party.

Franklin’s Gardens Shared Christmas Party Venue

Book your company’s spot at a Franklin’s Gardens Christmas party today. For a shared party experience that’s impossible to match, come down to the gardens this December. If you’re not sure whether a shared party or exclusive venue hire option is right for your business, get in touch today. 

Call our team on 01604 751543 or visit our contact page.

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