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How to encourage people to attend an event now restrictions are lifted

In the blink of an eye, the world of events changed forever. The pandemic meant that large and small events couldn’t take place.

Six percent of event venues reported almost total losses in revenue, while 29% said their losses were between 81% and 90%. It’s only in 2021 that event venues and event planners could start thinking about their next project. Understandably, however, many people are hesitant to attend mass gatherings and event venues.

After emerging from a long lockdown, event planners need to adapt to the ‘new normal’. To encourage people to attend your event, you must ensure your event venue is COVID secure. This means, despite many restrictions no longer being in place, implementing safety measures so people feel safe to attend your incredible event.

4 Ways To Encourage People To Attend Your Event

  1. Hygiene Standards
  2. Clear Communication
  3. Safe Catering
  4. Technology Solutions

Hygiene Standards

In a post-pandemic world, exceptional hygiene standards are necessary to encourage guests to attend your event. When organising a business conference there are some key areas to focus on. During the event planning stage, analyse every activity, identify any risks, and implement a safe solution for delegates.

For example, choose an event venue with a large space that can accommodate many guests safely. Ensure the room is well ventilated too so the risk of COVID transmission is reduced. Many small moments happen during an event conference where event planners can ensure there are exceptional hygiene standards. If a microphone is passed between guests, wipe it down with anti-bacterial spray after each person has finished speaking.

Clear Communication

Communication is essential when event planning. If no potential guests know about your event venue’s hygiene standards, they won’t feel safer and encouraged to attend. Social distancing guidance and hygiene protocols need to be highlighted to guests beforehand. This way they know what to expect to encourage them to attend your event venue.

When guests are attending a business meeting, they will want to understand your processes. Clear communication highlights everything they need to know to attend your event venue safely. While planning your event, add in easy to identify signage around your venue that tells guests the social distancing rules and where hand sanitiser is located, for example.

Safe Catering

Something everyone remembers from events is the catering. How food and drink are served has changed in a post-pandemic world; there are some key areas to adapt to ensure Covid safety. Make sure all serving staff are wearing masks, regularly hand sanitising, and cleaning high-touch point surfaces. You should also lay out markings for people to follow when queueing at the bar - if there’s something British people love it’s queueing!

Any buffets need to be cleaned regularly throughout the day, not only at the end of the event. There are many surfaces that guests will touch. Plates, cutlery, and countertops all need to be wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes. For example, if you’re planning a wedding, have limits on how many people can be at the bar at once. This isn’t to stop the fun, but to ensure everyone is safe and having fun.

Technology Solutions

Technology is crucial for hosting COVID-secure events in 2021. With the right technology solutions, event planners can reduce the contact guests have to make while attending your event. Allow attendees to perform a contactless check-in on their phones. This is not only environmentally friendly as you don’t have to print tickets and create lanyards, contactless check-ins also reduce how many times guests interact with touch surfaces around the event venue.

While event planning, create a diagram of your event venue. Interactive floor plans help you to understand how many people can fit into the space while being COVID-secure. This is why a large event venue with a variety of rooms is a great option for any event right now. They can accommodate many guests safely as there is room for social distancing.

Franklin’s Gardens’ Event Venue

For an event to be COVID-secure, event planners need a venue that has exceptional hygiene standards. At Franklin’s Gardens, our team worked tirelessly to ensure our unique event venues were ready to reopen safely when restrictions ended in the UK. Book an event venue that encourages guests to attend today; get in touch via our contact page for more information.

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