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How To Encourage Networking At An Event

As the country emerges from lockdown restrictions, it's likely that large events will begin to become popular again. The best events are not only defined by the speakers, presentation equipment, and hospitality, but the chances to network with industry professionals they offer. But, as we all know, networking opportunities have been sadly missing from the business world because of the pandemic.

For many people, how successful an event they attend is, is defined by how many valuable contacts they connect with. Meeting like-minded people can be fun, open doors to new opportunities, and form mutually beneficial professional relationships. Ensuring your event facilitates networking between attendees doesn’t have to be difficult, here are 5 ways organisers can encourage networking.

5 Ways To Get People To Network

  1. Pre-Event Online Groups
  2. Choose The Right Event Venue & Layout
  3. Event Name Badges
  4. Schedule Breaks Throughout The Day
  5. Encourage Group Interaction 

Pre-Event Online Groups

Your event is often remembered by the fresh connections and relationships attendees form with other guests. In the modern world, people don’t only turn up on the day of your event. Attendees will most likely research the event venue to find out more information as well as who is attending. Use social media to promote your event and encourage pre-event online networking. LinkedIn is the perfect tool as you can create a group, personalise it with unique branding, and allow attendees to connect before your event even begins.

Choose The Right Event Venue & Layout

Where you’re hosting your event is crucial to its success. Choose a conference venue with a layout that allows guests to interact, mingle, and build professional relationships. When you’re searching for an event venue, make sure they offer standing and seated tables, conferencing areas, and breakout areas. The best conference events have multiple seating arrangements so every guest feels comfortable and has the opportunity to interact.

Event Name Badges

It sounds simple but event name badges are crucial for networking. We’re not only talking about badges that have someone’s name and their role on. You can use badges to organically initiate interactions between attendees by adding extra information. Badges can be the perfect icebreaker and tool to start interactions between guests.

Schedule Breaks Throughout The Day

Sometimes the most valuable networking moments happen during breaks in your event. If guests are attending a conference venue, they will likely be listening to a speaker. The time between presentations provides an opportunity for guests to have a break and discuss the day. An event venue can lay out refreshments that attendees can enjoy while connecting with other industry professionals.

Encourage Group Interaction

Sometimes people naturally use breaks as a chance to check emails or scroll through social media. This may be common if people are attending their first event post-lockdown. As an event organiser, a simple solution is to put out refreshments as this naturally encourages people to mingle. Arranging informal chats with event speakers during breaks is also a great way to encourage interactions between attendees.

Franklin’s Gardens Event Venues

If you want to host an event where networking is easy, you need the right conference venue or event space. At Franklin’s Gardens, we offer unique and adaptable event venues that feature a variety of rooms perfect for hosting different events.

Discover your next event venue, get in touch with our events team today.

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