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How to get the most out of Virtual Meetings

From everyone here at Franklin’s Gardens, we hope that you are staying safe.

Per government guidelines, everyone should stay home unless for essential activities, such as shopping for food or medicine, or daily exercise. This is having a massive impact on our regular, everyday lives.

Of course, the most important thing is that everyone is safe, protecting each other and yourself. But social distancing is having a big impact on business’ ability to have face-to-face meetings.

As a dedicated events venue in Northampton, the team at Franklin’s Gardens understands how this can affect the ability of a business to grow and conduct day-to-day activities.

But a solution that has grown since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic in the UK is the widespread use of Virtual Meetings.

As a new concept to a lot of us, you are probably wondering how do you get the most of a Virtual Meeting? How does it compare to using a meeting room or conference venue?

In this blog, we will go through some of the benefits of Virtual Meetings, as well as how you can come out of this period of time stronger as a business.

What is a Virtual Meeting?

In some ways, a Virtual Meeting is the same as any other business meeting. The subjects don’t change, the meeting venue does.

The venue is going to be different for everyone taking part in the meeting, your meeting room could be your lounge, or for someone else, their bedroom.

Ways to hold a Virtual Meeting

As you might expect, there has been a massive upward trend in users of video conferencing apps. Names of video hosting platforms you never knew a week ago are now on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

This is why it is important to research which platform to use. Don’t hop on the latest trending app or website; choose one that has proved it is safe and secure for all your virtual needs.

Get the most out of your Virtual Meeting

Like any meeting, communication is key. Not having good communication in a Virtual Meeting is where many go wrong. Unlike a face-to-face meeting, it is harder to pick up on people’s body language, something we often do without even noticing.

Make an extra effort to allow everyone an opportunity to talk and get their point across. This may be a new way of communicating for a lot of people, they may need support to get their ideas heard.

To get the most out of a Virtual Meeting may take more time. But with extra consideration and thought, they can work as an effective temporary replacement for face-to-face meetings.

Another tip is to get ready as if you are having a face-to-face meeting. Dress the same, try to have the same routine where possible. If you can get yourself in a similar mindset to a face-to-face meeting, a virtual meeting is more likely to go well.

While a face-to-face meeting is ideal in most circumstances, everyone has to make the most of the current situation. If you can conduct productive virtual meetings and plan for the future, you could put your business in a very strong position later in the year.

To find out more about Franklin’s Gardens meeting rooms and conference facilities, get in touch on 01604 751543. Or feel free to fill in the enquiry form on our contact page for more information today.

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