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How to plan a Christmas Party for a business?

When you’re organising a Christmas Party for your business you may feel under pressure to get everything right. After all, you want to treat your team and thank them for all their hard work. However, organising the event doesn’t have to be stressful. Read our top tips for planning a business Christmas party to not only make the process simple but lots of fun too.

5 Tips For Planning a Christmas Party For Your Business

  1. Establish Your Budget
  2. Choose The Venue
  3. Decide On Catering
  4. Set Your Theme
  5. Think Entertainment

Establish Your Budget

Setting the budget is the first step towards organising an unforgettable Christmas Party. If you don’t understand how much you can spend on your Christmas Party venue, you may leave yourself short of funds when booking caterers and entertainment. Knowing your budget early makes the party planning process much simpler.

Once you know the spending limits, create a checklist of what you need starting with your Christmas Party venue. Before thinking about catering or entertainment costs, chat to your venue to see what party packages they offer. Whether it’s a shared Christmas Party or an exclusive deal on in-house catering, working with the right venue can make your budget stretch further.

Choose The Venue

The venue is often what makes a business Christmas Party unforgettable. It’s also what you need to spend the majority of your budget on, which is why it makes sense to book your venue first. Once you understand how much your venue costs, you know how much budget you have left to play with when you’re organising the rest of your event. So, how do you find the right venue?

When you’re organising a business party, you want to make your staff happy. They’re the guests, so consult with them to find out what they want. This will help you learn about any requirements, such as a closeby location or overnight accommodation, which will whittle down the list of appropriate venues. Your team may also prefer a certain theme or want something unique. Once you know all this info, choosing a venue for your Christmas Party is much easier.

To host a memorable event, you need a unique venue with tons of personality. However, before making a final decision, think about what you want from your end-of-year celebrations. The best venues will discuss this with you and work with their events team to make it happen. From exclusive package deals to bespoke decorations, choose a venue that helps you host an unforgettable Christmas party for your business.

Decide On Catering

It’s not a business Christmas Party without delicious food and free-flowing drinks. After all, if you’re going to be chatting and dancing the night away, you need some fuel to keep you going. Make sure all dietary requirements are catered for and there are both alcohol and non-alcoholic refreshments on offer too. Your chosen venue may offer in-house food choices in a package deal, so make sure you discuss with them too.

While you may be tempted to go for a Christmas dinner, consider something different this December. Serving festive food with a twist is a unique way to innovate your Christmas Party. As well as a meal, seasonal snacks, like gingerbread and pigs in blankets, help create a great atmosphere filled with festive fun. Eggnog, warm cider, and hot chocolate are all Christmas drinks you could offer to add a unique feel to your event.

Set Your Theme

Your theme starts with the tone you want for your party. Of course, any Christmas celebrations are going to be filled with festive cheer, but do you want the dress code to be formal or casual? While that’s one choice, you’ve also got the decorations to consider. You could set up a beautiful Christmas tree as the centrepiece wrapped in tinsel, festive lights, and baubles. 

Another choice is to go for a Christmas movie theme, maybe even with fancy dress. Make sure you work with your Christmas Party venue to see what’s possible, whether it’s the lighting or background music. To decide on the best theme for your business’s party, chat with colleagues and brainstorm ideas before making a final decision.

Think Entertainment

Once everyone’s mingled, eaten, and chatted at the party, it’s time for the entertainment. Live music is a memorable option, especially if they perform all the festive favourites. Instead of a band, you could also choose a DJ who can get everyone on the dancefloor. Make sure the music is right and a positive atmosphere will soon follow.

Photo Booths are also great entertainment for business Christmas Parties. Provide some fancy dress, like feather boas and novelty glasses, and let your guests’ imaginations run wild. When your team is laughing together and the night’s flying by, they’ll want to have some photos to remember the party by. The polaroids are also lots of fun to laugh about in the office on Monday morning.

Christmas Parties at cinch Stadium at Franklin’s Gardens

At the Gardens, our events team has years of experience hosting unforgettable Christmas celebrations. Your end-of-year celebrations as a business are the perfect opportunity to say thank you to your staff, boost morale, and get to know each other more. We offer a variety of exclusive Christmas Party packages including:

  • Shared Parties
  • Exclusive Venue Hire
  • Christmas Nights

Book your perfect Christmas Party venue today, call our events team on 01604 751543 or visit our contact page.

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