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Social Media: Our Top Tips for Event Planners

We know that staying consistent on social media is hard. Especially in such uncertain times, trying to find the right message to promote to your network can be tricky.

The pace of content creation is exponentially increasing and the demand and need for social media, for both businesses and individuals, is quite overwhelming.

Research shows that there are 3.5 billion daily active social media users worldwide (Emarsys, 2019), who spend an average of 3 hours per day on social media (Globalwebindex, 2018).

While social media presents challenges to all business owners, it’s the event planners that we’re sympathising with today. What, you ask, can I do to maintain a consistent and interesting social media presence? That’s where we step in – here are six creative ways you can keep your followers engaged.


Ok, this is technically cheating, but there really is no harm in digging out an old blog post and reminding your followers how much of a good read it was the first time round. Just make sure that all information is up to date and still relevant, while also not a copy of the original post to ensure that there are no duplication errors and you’re good to go! 

This tactic also helps hugely when considering SEO value for the business; new traffic as well as the previous statistics will boost Google search rankings and traffic to the rest of your website.

Once you’ve given your chosen blog post its modern makeover, promote it on your chosen social media platforms, and watch the number page views grow!


Unfortunately, we’re not referring to the sunny beach getaway you have put into your diary for summer 2021. By holidays, we’re referring to the lesser known, yet quirkier days of the year.

For example, did you know that August 13th this year was National Prosecco Day? Why? Well, we’re not too sure on that one but it’s one hell of a day to celebrate!

Some of these holidays may be relevant to the events you’re planning, so be sure you don't miss out on a golden opportunity to promote yourselves!


Shout out to the people who actually make it all happen here – give them the credit they deserve and introduce them to your followers! Followers appreciate friendly faces and like to know that their events are being planned and managed by ‘real’ people.

Introduce everyone in your team, from the industry expert to the onsite head chef, to the newbie intern. They all deserve the spotlight at some point! And, if you’re working solo or as a freelance event planner, introduce those who helped you get to where you are today, such as your web designer or PA.


As proven in the previous example, it is no surprise that your followers will crave a little humanity from their beloved event planners. The same principle applies when giving them a sneak peek at what goes on behind the scenes.

Your followers crave a sense of authenticity, as they only ever really see the icing on the cake when the entire event all comes together at the end. Show your audience what it’s like to be you when working on specific events, with uploading behind-the-scenes pictures, for example. Turn it up a notch with a shot of your kitchen team hard at work, or the decision-making process of deciding between fuchsias or white roses for table decor.

The same principle applies to social media live streams. Your followers can feel like they are really there, even with just a short, yet authentic insight into what goes into making your beloved event(s). It’s personal, it’s real and, besides, who doesn’t like being nosey every once in a while?


Not only does this idea score brownie points with the client/venue themselves, but tagging their social media in your posts can increase your engagement too.

And, to show their appreciation, they’ll most likely like, comment or retweet/share the post, which will increase the reach of your post to their followers. (Side note: make sure that you have their permission to use their name, photos, or social media handle first.)


A lot of social media handles host giveaways to celebrate reaching a certain milestone on Instagram, or perhaps to celebrate a certain time of year, such as Christmas. Social media contests are the way to a customer's heart because of the incentive that they might win a prize they want! From tagging friends in comments, sharing giveaway posts on stories, or sharing their favourite event photos, it really gets your social media following involved.

Giveaways have serious benefits for your company, including driving traffic to your website, boosting your profile, and increasing your leads and followers. What may be a small financial cost to the company at first has the potential to pay itself off through brand exposure.

It is no surprise that using social media as a marketing tool presents huge amounts of opportunities for companies in this day and age. For you event planners out there, try weaving some of the strategies above into your marketing plan, in order to make yourself stand out to your followers. So, get personal, get creative, and get your followers engaged!

Thank you for reading our latest blog post. If you would like to find out more about planning an event then get in contact with us at Franklin’s Gardens to set up your perfect event at our unique venue in Northampton. Contact us today on 01604 751543 or visit our contact page.

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