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Franklin's Gardens is home to Northampton Saints
Franklin's Gardens is home to Northampton Saints
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Summer Event Planning Tips

If you’re hosting a summer party this year, there are a few top tips to follow to create an unforgettable event.

Summer event planning is a bit different from organising events during any other season. And after a couple of summers with government restrictions in place, event planners may be out of practice. However, you don’t have to worry, just follow our top tips below to get on the path towards planning an unbelievable event this summer.

How Best To Plan a Summer Event?

  1. Picking The Right Location
  2. Booking A Summer Event Venue
  3. Save The Date
  4. Send Out Your Invites
  5. Set An Unforgettable Theme
  6. Think Seasonal Catering
  7. Consider Weather Conditions
  8. What About Drinks?
  9. Don’t Forget Entertainment
  10. Create A Sensory Experience

Picking The Right Location

Depending on where your guests are travelling from, the location may be one of the most important aspects of your summer event. Choose somewhere with transport links across the country. You should also think about if the location has hotels for guests to stay overnight.

Booking A Summer Event Venue

Summer seems to pass in a flash. In the UK, warm weather is sometimes hard to come by, so many people choose a summer event venue that lets guests bask in the heat and sun. Outdoor spaces are a must for summer events so choose a location that showcases unique scenery, fantastic views, and lets guests enjoy the summer weather.

Save The Date

Once you’ve found the perfect venue for your summer event, book it before someone else does. Set a date that’s at the right time in the season too. If you want your event venue to be under the scorching sun, book your summer venue in July but if you want a cooler day think about May or late August.

Send Out Your Invites

After finding the perfect summer venue, you need to make sure your guests can experience your unforgettable event. So, let them know your event venue and the date and time to arrive. Sending out your invites as soon as possible gives your guests the chance to plan and prepare for the big day.

Set An Unforgettable Theme

The summer is an inspiring season, so be sure to complement the warm weather with an unforgettable theme for your event. And make sure the decorations are spread inside and outside the venue so your guests stay immersed in your theme even when they’re enjoying the warm weather.

Think Seasonal Catering

Food is a big part of any event, so make sure it’s one of your priorities. Of course, during the summer, people’s preferred catering options may change. Think about organising a barbeque, for example, just make sure there are food options on the grill for all dietary requirements.

Consider Weather Conditions

What weather do you imagine when you picture the summer? Even if you live in the UK, you probably think of soaring temperatures and bright sunshine. So, when choosing your event venue check that they have shaded areas for any outdoor spaces. You should also make sure they have air conditioning to make sure all guests are comfortable.

What About Drinks?

Summer drinks can be part of the overall theme for your event. Cocktails with ice swimming in bright, vibrant colours and tiny parasols sticking out the top of the glass create a summer theme instantly. You could also include mocktails that keep the summer theme flowing even without any alcohol.

Don’t Forget Entertainment

From fireworks, water displays, and light shows, summer events present organisers with many opportunities for unique entertainment choices. With outdoor events, you can also spread entertainment across the summer venue. Think about booking a band to play outside to entertain guests as they soak up the sun.

Plan Around The Weather

Setting up an event can be labour intensive. During the summer, when the temperatures increase and the sun is shining, this can make setting up your event tougher. Check out the weather forecast and plan around any heat waves to support staff and keep them safe.

Summer Events at cinch Stadium at Franklin’s Gardens

For the perfect summer event venue, get in touch with cinch Stadium at Franklin’s Gardens today. Our events team can help you plan an unforgettable summer event that will give your guests an incredible experience. Call us today on 01604 751543 or visit our contact page to fill in an enquiry form.

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