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What Should I Consider Before Booking A Conference Venue?

The conference facility you choose is the biggest contributing factor to the success of your event. Whether you book a conference venue or conference room, the venue says so much about your organisation. The right facilities convey credibility and personality as well as capture your guest’s engagement.

If you’re organising an event, it can be difficult to know where to start. You can arrange a theme, book speakers and guests, and invite your guests. However, without a dedicated conference venue that matches the needs of your event, it will be a challenge to host the conference you want.

Discovering the right conference venue for your event doesn’t have to be a challenge. Concentrate on what you want your conference to achieve and choose a conference venue that helps you achieve your goals.

5 Things To Consider Before Booking A Conference Venue

  1. The Variety Of Rooms
  2. Food & Drink
  3. Location
  4. Conferencing Equipment 
  5. Staffing

The Variety Of Rooms 

The first thing to consider when booking a conference venue is the capacity. Establish how many attendees you’re expecting and choose a facility that can fit all your guests. Search for a flexible venue that will be comfortable for everyone in attendance and gives a clear view of any presentations.

Choose a conference venue with rooms that are unique and appropriate for any activities. An important thing to remember when booking conference facilities is to ensure it’s the right fit for your event. You may love the style of the conference rooms on offer and the location, however, it may not be appropriate for the conference you want to hold. The right conference venue will match your requirements and support you to host an event that helps you achieve your goals.

For a conference event with lots of interactive activities, choose a conference room that has a variety of collaborative tools. Even simple equipment such as whiteboards and markers make teamwork much simpler and effective. There is also presentation software that improves collaborative activities which are available with conference facilities.

Food & Drink

Catering is an essential part of any conference. It helps refresh guests throughout the event and fuels attendees' contribution to a stand-out conference. Regular top-ups of food and drink also show guests that the event organisers care about the wellbeing of everyone in attendance.

Depending on the venue you choose, they may have in-house catering options available. If they do, this makes the entire process simpler. Instead of liaising with multiple companies, you can organise the catering for your event while booking the ideal conference facilities for the day.


The perfect venue is beneficial to organisers and attendees in a variety of ways. It’s not enough to have in-house catering, unique conference rooms, and the right equipment for the conference’s requirements. The perfect conference facility will be in a convenient location for your guests. This doesn’t mean close to them, but the town or city where the venue is needs to have good transport links.

A location that’s convenient for guests can make or break your conference. Wherever delegates are coming from, if they have a smooth journey they’re going to arrive ready and raring to go for the day. 

Choose a location that’s convenient to get to, for example, somewhere located centrally in the UK that isn’t difficult to get to decrease the travel time for your guests. Booking a conference venue close to hotels and B&Bs is smart if your guests need to stay overnight, in some cases the venue can provide favourable rates for local accommodation.

Conferencing Equipment

Whatever the purpose of your conference, it’s vital to have the right equipment in place for all activities you have planned. Presentations, networking sessions, and meetings all require specialist equipment. It’s convenient to choose a conference facility that provides important appliances in-house such as lighting, audio equipment, and presentation equipment.

Like catering, some conference facilities will provide in-house conferencing equipment. By having the right equipment, this makes organising your conference more convenient. Staff can also advise on how to use the equipment both on a technical level but also how to get the most of using the gear to benefit your organisation.


Friendly and conscientious staff are essential if you want to host a great conference. Organisers have to put their trust in staff to put their time and effort into making your event as successful as possible. You rely on staff at a conference venue to greet guests, serve refreshments, and manage conferencing equipment. When they do this well, this empowers your conference and leaves a great first impression on guests.

When the staff at the venue work with care they improve the day for everyone involved. They can guide attendees through the venue, ensure all guests are comfortable and fix any issues that arise on the day. Attentive staff takes the stress away from hosting a conference allowing organisers to focus on other areas of the day to ensure it’s the best it can be. 

Franklin’s Gardens Conference Rooms

When you’re booking a conference room in Northampton, choose a venue that’s unique and matches all your requirements. At Franklin’s Gardens, we offer innovative conference facilities, in-house catering, and attentive staff. We are based in the midlands, which means our venue is convenient for attendees based across the country.

Don’t settle for a bog-standard conference venue, choose Franklin’s Gardens to take your conference to the next level. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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