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Top 10 Things To Do In The Office At Christmas

Celebrating Christmas in the office helps bring your team together. Improve morale, spread festive fun, and add variety to the working day with exciting seasonal activities. So, what are the enjoyable things to do in the office this Christmas? Below are 10 Christmas ideas for work that will entertain every member of the team throughout December.

Christmas Ideas For Work

  1. Create Your Own Holiday Cards
  2. Secret Santa
  3. Best or Ugliest Christmas Jumper Contest
  4. Donate Food or Toys
  5. Christmas Games
  6. Decorate as a Team
  7. Christmas Party
  8. Themed Quiz
  9. Wrapping Race
  10. Share Christmas Treats
Top 10 Things To Do In The Office At Christmas
Discover our top 10 things to do in the office around Christmas to raise the Christmas spirit and morale within the business. Book your Christmas party today.

Create Your Own Holiday Cards

Hear laughter and fun around the office while connecting with customers and clients. Creating holiday cards is a fun activity all members of staff can join in with. Sprinkling glitter, tying ribbons, and writing cheesy Christmas jokes are the perfect activities for the holiday season. You can also send the cards to clients and continue to build a rapport that benefits your business long-term.

Secret Santa

The classic Christmas game, Secret Santa is one of the most fun parts of the working year. Pick names out of a hat, making sure everyone’s included, and pick a day for the team to share their gifts. Secret Santa helps people to get to know each other, creates a positive atmosphere in the office, and is an opportunity to spread festive cheer.

Best or Ugliest Christmas Jumper Contest

It isn’t December if you don’t pop on your Christmas jumper at least once in our opinion. Why not pick a day to showcase the funkiest jumpers in your office? You could also make it a contest with festive prizes. Crown a Christmas jumper champion this year whether you’re looking for the best or ugliest festive sweater in the office.

Donate Food or Toys

Christmas is a time to spread festive cheer and one of the best ways to do that is by giving back. Organise a collection and donate food to your local food bank. You can also collect toys from your staff to send off to charities like the Salvation Army.

Christmas Games

Most of us have traditional games we play with our families on Christmas day. Whether it’s charades, Pictionary, or Monopoly, bring these games to the office one afternoon this December.

Decorate as a Team

Don’t let your team walk into the office one morning with all the decorations put up already. Wrapping tinsel on your office Christmas tree, putting up lights, and arranging all the decorations is a great festive team-building activity that also creates a festive atmosphere.

Christmas Party

Christmas parties are the perfect way to celebrate the end of the year as a business. Book a unique venue your team won’t forget! Often there are package deals including food, drink, and entertainment that help you and your staff enjoy a Christmas party without any stress.

Themed Quiz

If you're not quizzed out from the last 18 months, a festive quiz is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon in the office this Christmas. You can create questions based on Christmas films or songs, but also tailor the quiz to your employees’ strengths and weaknesses, depending on how much festive cheer you’re feeling!

Wrapping Race

A unique Christmas game to play is a wrapping race. In your office, who can wrap a present the fastest? You could give out bonus points for the neatest wrapping or most unique wrapping idea. As an added incentive, whoever is the winner could take home the present as their prize.

Share Christmas Treats

Who doesn’t love Christmas treats? Whether it’s mince pies, gingerbread, or a selection box, the food is many people's favourite part of the holidays. Bring in some Christmas treats for staff and feel the festive atmosphere for the rest of December.

What else should you do as a business this Christmas?

A Christmas party is a great way to say thank you to your employees at the end of the year. After a great night out together, there’s always a positive atmosphere in the workplace that can improve productivity and communication. Christmas parties help build bonds between employees and also create a strong team spirit.

As a business, Christmas party season is a great time to say thank you to your staff for all their hard work. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, there are a variety of seasonal party opportunities to consider. A shared party is great if you don’t have many staff members as you share the night with other businesses. Or you can choose exclusive hire of a venue if you have a high number of staff to cater for.

The right choice of venue for your festive end-of-year celebrations depends on what you want from the event. For a unique venue that offers a variety of packages and booking options, get in touch with cinch Stadium at Franklin’s Gardens. With a dedicated events team, delicious catering choices, and a unique backdrop for any festive do, you’re sure to host a Christmas party your team won’t ever forget.

Christmas Parties at cinch Stadium at Franklin's Gardens

Help your business get in the festive spirit with an unforgettable Christmas party this year. At cinch Stadium at Franklin’s Gardens, we offer a range of shared and exclusive Christmas party packages. Download our 2021 Christmas brochure to view the variety of Christmas celebrations available this year.

Give our events team an email at [email protected] or 01604 751543 to find out more about Christmas at cinch Stadium at Franklin’s Gardens.

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