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The best ways to style a Wedding

Once you’re engaged, planning your wedding isn’t an easy task, but it’s one of the most rewarding and fun experiences in life. Styling a wedding is about small details. All these choices contribute to the complete look of your special day and can make it unforgettable.

The colour palette, motifs, theme, and perfect venue are the most important factors of your wedding’s style to consider. Explore your creativity and apply design choices that reflect you and your partner’s personalities.

How To Style Your Dream Wedding

When styling wedding ceremonies and receptions, there are a few things you will want to achieve:

  • Make a spectacular first impression.
  • Create a stunning backdrop for wedding photos.
  • Have a consistent theme throughout the day.


Although you may not notice initially, the best wedding styles all have a clear theme. This theme acts as a structure that ensures all the design choices you make complement each other. It should cover both the indoor and outdoor style of your wedding venue. Deciding on a wedding theme gives you a clear framework for your style choices. 

  • Rustic – Match minimalistic furniture with dark wooden colours to soft coloured fabrics that complement each other and create an amazing style.

  • Contemporary A contemporary theme incorporates clean, sleek lines and geometric shapes.

  • Vintage – Take inspiration from the past and bring creative styles into the modern-day. Ornate gold and sharp lines are a great example of a vintage style.

  • Outdoor – A great opportunity to create an intimate ceremony perfect for a laid back wedding in the warmer months.

  • Tropical – Travel to the beach or bring the beach to you with palm leaves, bright flowers, and fruity cocktails.

Once you have a theme picked out, you can expand to establish your colour palette. It also gives you a great chance to explore different decorative choices such as flowers, cutlery, and lighting. The success of your theme depends on your choice of wedding venue. 

The right choice of venue is so important to how you style your wedding, especially the theme. Consider whether the location is formal or informal; modern or classic; if there are indoor and outdoor spaces. Take the time to explore different venues and choose one that has features that match the theme of your special day.

Colour Palette

The colour palette of your wedding is one of the most important decisions to make. It will lay a foundation for the theme and style of your special day. 

To choose the right colour palette, think about you and your partner’s favourite colours. The ones that you love. Your wedding day is the time to showcase these colours in vibrant and unique ways. It’s also a good idea to choose a colour that complements the season to create a beautiful palette for your wedding’s style.

Autumn weddings benefit from burnt reds and oranges to create a beautiful, complementary look. In summer time, subtle pinks and blues are a colour pairing that fits the season. Spring matches vibrant yellows and warm coral shades. While winter months are perfect for vivid, high-contrast colours such as bright greens and reds.

However, choosing a colour palette isn’t only about combining a selection of colours. To create an incredible effect you need to choose options that stand out, as well as both contrast and complement one another. Find wedding colour palettes you love online, Pinterest is the ideal place to search for idea inspiration. This will give you an idea of what colours you like and the type of palette that you want for your dream day.

A great place to start is by picking a central colour to focus on and expand from. From there, choose colours that are complementary to pair together. Whether it’s a soft or hard colour, dark or light, there is another colour available that will help you create the palette you want throughout your event space.


A motif is a recurring subject, theme, or idea. In terms of styling a wedding, it’s a design choice that is repeated subtly throughout the venue to add to the theme of your day. Your motif could be a pattern that appears on the back of guests’ chairs, table decorations, or bunting for example.

It’s important when styling your wedding to have an eye for the small details. One of these details is a chosen motif. This isn’t a necessity, but the right motif can make your wedding’s style unique and stand out compared to other wedding days.

A good motif adds to the style of your wedding as it creates consistency. It helps establish the theme of your wedding and complements your other design choices. From the colour palette to even the wedding dress.

Wedding Venue Styles

The secret to styling a wedding day that you’ll love is to make it personal to you. When you’re researching ideas on places like Pinterest or Instagram, you may see styles that you like. However, adapting them so they’re personal to you and your partner is the secret to creating the perfect style for your wedding day. 

The esoteric details, the details personal to you as a couple, are what make wedding styles stand out. Here are some ways you can make your wedding venue style unique:

  • Personalised place holders for guests
  • Fun wedding bunting designs
  • Vibrant table decorations
  • Gift bags for guests

Although the ideas are up to you to choose, you need to find the perfect wedding venue that helps you to create the perfect style. 

For a unique wedding venue that offers a variety of settings and styles to help you host your dream day, choose Franklin’s Gardens. To find out more, visit our wedding venue hire page and contact us today.

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