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The Ultimate Wedding Planner Timeline

Planning a wedding isn’t easy, and ensuring you get everything booked, ordered, and arranged is just one of the difficulties that every soon-to-be wed couple will face. 

However, don't set your focus solely on your big day, you should take the time to enjoy your engagement. This will now be one of the most exciting and happiest times of your lives, you should make sure that you enjoy and cherish it all.

Organisation is always key when it comes to planning big life events, and the key to good organisation is time; ensuring you set yourself enough time to plan all that you want and need for your big day is vital. That's why with our wedding planner you have a set time frame to work with to ensure that all your wedding plans are everything you want them to be and more.

Discover our step by step wedding planner timeline of all the key things you need to plan, book and order for your wedding day, from booking your wedding venue to reviewing your music for the after party. Follow our guide to help you stay on track.

The Ultimate Wedding Planner Timeline | Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning Checklist

The question has been popped. You sit down with the ring settled on your finger enjoying a glass of champagne and you remember that before your special day arrives there is the small task of planning your wedding. Maybe this makes you panic, throw the champagne aside, and start arranging things straight away. Or maybe you stay sitting as you have no idea where to start. Whatever your reaction, there isn’t a reason to panic.

Wedding planning can feel overwhelming, however, if you give yourself enough time you and your partner will enjoy the exciting journey towards your wedding day. Every couple’s engagement is different, but most couples take around 12 months to plan their wedding. While this seems like a lot of time, panic often sets in because it’s difficult to know where to start.

The first step to take is hiring your dream wedding venue. After that, instead of doing everything at once; get organised. Break down the journey to your special day into monthly chunks. Doing this creates a clear picture of what needs to be done and by what date. Remove the stress from planning your wedding, make it the experience it should be: a fun and exciting adventure you go on as a couple. 


  • Book Venue – Search for your dream wedding venue and once you find it, book the perfect date for your wedding.
  • Draft Guest List – Note down everyone you want there on your special day, this makes organising everything much simpler.
  • Register – Notify the Register Office, you must give 28 days notice and the ceremony needs to take place within 12 months of the notice.
  • Engagement Party – Invite the people close to you and your partner and give your engagement the celebration it deserves.


  • Vendors Order – Catering, flowers, photographers; make sure you book your 1st choice option before they’re no longer available on the day.
  • Wedding Dress – Find your dream wedding dress and don’t let anyone else get their hands on it once you do.
  • Take Engagement Photos – Another chance to celebrate your engagement and create life-long memories.
  • Cake Tasting & Order – Taste test as many cakes as you need and order the option that’s perfect for your wedding day.


  • Send Save The Date – Let those lucky people know that they’re invited to your wedding.
  • Hair & Makeup Trials – Trial different looks and styles before settling on the one you love.
  • Book Your Honeymoon – After all this wedding plan you deserve a special break away.


  • Select Groomsman Attire – Find a suit that matches the theme of your wedding and you love.
  • Purchase Wedding Bands – Take your time and choose your favourite option, you’ll get to enjoy looking at it for the rest of your life.


  • Purchase Accessories – Jewellery, table décor, and much more all go into creating your dream day, now is the time to choose the options for your wedding.
  • Send Out Invitations – Let your guests know the time and place for your wedding.


  • Apply For A Marriage Licence – Apply for a wedding licence online at the Gov website, the fee is £35 per person.
  • Confirm Wedding Transport – Whether it’s a luxury car or a horse and carriage, now is the time to book it.


  • Stag & Hen Dos – Whoever is arranging the stag and hen, let them know to book it for a month before to keep the excitement going up until the day of.
  • Bridal Shower – This is a chance for the bride, close friends, and family to have a celebration as well as receive practical gifts to set you up for married life.


  • Final Dress Fitting – The perfect chance for a preview of your dream dress before your wedding day.
  • Review Music – Choose the perfect song for your first dance and check the DJ has all the tunes that will get your guests on the dance floor.

Now that you have our clear view on how to stay on track and ensure everything you are planning for your big day is done, you can start to relax a bit more and get excited for your wedding.

If you are looking for a diverse and unique wedding venue, Franklin’s Gardens can help you and help to ensure that all of your greatest wedding plans and ideas come true. 

Discover our vast range of wedding venue spaces, from large rooms to smaller more private spaces and outdoor venue spaces, all with a spectacular view of the pitch at Franklin’s Gardens. Book your wedding venue in Northampton at Franklin’s Gardens today. Contact us on 01604 751543. Alternatively, visit our contact page to send a message.

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