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What is the difference between a meeting and a conference?

A meeting and a conference are very similar events; they are both events where people meet-up together to discuss a specific subject. There are no concrete rules about what a meeting is and what a conference is but the main difference between the two will normally be the number of people attending.

Conferences are also usually more formal while meetings can be informal. When planning either a meeting or conference, to get the most out of your event you should hold it in an external meeting venue. Why? Here are some reasons why meetings and conferences are different.

As well as why they can both benefit from a unique and engaging external venue:

The best meeting room for your business

For a meeting, your initial instinct may be to hold it in-house; you may think it is convenient to meet at your workplace. But are you wondering why it’s useful to meet somewhere new?

Imagine you organise a meeting with some of your colleagues. Your aim is to come up with a creative, new direction to approach a project, to think of an innovative direction to move a project forward. These two goals are only achievable if the entire group meeting can be creative.

A distinctive, external meeting room can inspire different ways of thinking and allow you to find a solution you may not have considered. Especially at a unique, exciting event venue.

At Franklin’s Gardens, we offer a wide variety of unique meeting rooms in Northampton; including 40+ pitch-side meeting rooms, so you can have an inspiring view as you work.

The biggest difference between choosing a conference room and a meeting room is the number of people attending. If you don’t have a large number of people attending does it make sense to hire an external meeting room? If the price is affordable and fair, absolutely.

At Franklin’s Gardens, we want to offer incredible meeting rooms in Northampton to both big companies and smaller businesses. This is why we have a large range of options to choose from.

From small spaces to large conference venues in Northampton:

Choosing the right conference venue

A conference is going to be on a bigger scale than a meeting and this may mean it doesn’t make sense to hold it at your workplace. You may not have sufficient space or the right equipment. If this is the case, you need to look for the right conference venue and facilities that will help you get the most out of your conference.

While a meeting is less formal, it is important for a conference to be more formal. This is because a conference is on a larger scale and pre-planned to allow the maximum number of people to attend. The reason for this is usually that a conference is based around a specific subject.

Whatever subject your conference is covering, the right equipment is crucial. The right conference facilities and equipment will allow your attendees to get the most out of their experience, such as in-house Wi-Fi and catering as well as on-site parking. But also, specialist presentation equipment.

These are only some of the options for conference venues in Northampton that we offer at Franklin’s Gardens. We want to offer the best conference facilities possible. This is why our team will work with you when you organise your event to make sure we meet all your event’s requirements.

To get the most out of your meeting or conference venue in Northampton get in touch with one of our team today:

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