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What Makes a Great Conference

Hosting a conference can be massively beneficial for businesses across a wide range of industries. Whether you’re organising a conference for 1000 guests or entertaining a small number of delegates, finding the right conference venue is essential for the success of your event. 

There are a few key aspects to consider when choosing the best option to use as conference facilities.

Top Tips for a Truly Great Conference

What Makes A Great Conference Venue?

High-Quality Equipment

Depending on the type of conference you’re hosting, you may need a variety of equipment. Choosing the right conference venue hire option ensures you have the right equipment available. Your event may require video calling software, projectors and microphones, and charging stations. Of course, WIFI is also a must for most modern conferences, regardless of size.

When researching for the right conference venue check the equipment they have in-house. Ensuring the facilities have what you need already is cost-effective, saves time, and makes organisation on the day much easier. Some equipment may also be able to hire from companies outside the conference venue, such as air conditioning systems.

Professional Staff

Often, conference facilities are only as good as their staff. Whether it’s serving refreshments, setting up equipment, or working behind the bar, the venue’s staff are integral to the success of your event. There are also intangible benefits to having attentive staff at your conference. They can help guests if they have any questions, act as a polite presence, and help create a great atmosphere at your event.

Conference venues can also provide security and other event-specific personel. This will depend on the type of event you’re hosting. Choosing the right conference venue hire option involves making sure they can provide the right staff for your event. This could mean more specialist staff, such as security, or the number of staff if you’re hosting a large conference.

Delicious Refreshments

Hosting a great conference also involves catering for the attendees. Depending on the time of your event laying on breakfast, lunch, or dinner for your guests improves the experience they have. Coffee and tea breaks, as well as regular refreshments all, contribute to a great conference.

When in-house catering is available as part of a conference venue hire package, this makes the process much easier. It saves you from communicating with multiple companies. This makes organising catering and refreshments simple as the venue staff already take care of it. Choose a venue that can cater to many preferences, allergens, and dietary requirements.

As we emerge from lockdown, it’s going to be strange attending small and large conferences. Networking in-person after over a year of intermittent lockdowns could be massively beneficial for businesses across a variety of industries. Choose the right conference venue hire option and host an event that your guests won’t forget.

Franklin’s Gardens Conference Facilities

At Franklin’s Gardens, we offer a variety of conference venue spaces that host a wide range of events. As a sports stadium, we’re a unique venue that offers dynamic spaces and packages that can help you host an unforgettable event for your guests. Our dedicated events team also ensures we deliver everything your conference needs.

Discover the conference venue hire rooms we offer and fill in an enquiry form for more information.

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