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What makes a great venue?

It has been an anxious time for everyone these past few months, and our team at Franklin’s Gardens has had a break from planning great events.

Because of the lockdown we’ve had to press pause on being an events venue. This has allowed us to improve what we do; we’ve spent the time planning on how to put on amazing events post-lockdown.

As long as we ensure guests can social distance and have fun safely, we should be able to open again soon – and Franklin’s Gardens is in a great situation because of the importance of outdoor space right now. We will be able to host amazing events ahead of some other venues in Northampton

In this blog, we’re going to explore what makes a great venue and how Franklin’s Gardens can hold great events during this difficult time.

What makes a great venue in Northampton?

A great venue needs to give you opportunities. The opportunity to create an amazing atmosphere; the opportunity to create fun and excitement; the opportunity to enjoy the company of your family and friends. But how does a great venue do this?

At Franklin’s Gardens, we believe a great venue does this by providing everything that our clients need. We have access to high-quality resources; from presentation equipment such as projectors and screens, to private bars and free WiFi.

But, one of the most important things we offer you is our dedicated events team. Our team will work with you to ensure your event is unforgettable. This includes everything from design choices which help you create an incredible atmosphere, to practical decisions like bar access. But how can our great team can help you with your event in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Great venue hire options for the second half of 2020

Any party venue for the foreseeable future is going to need to have outdoor space – this is the only way to follow social distancing rules.

Outdoor venues are going to be vital for event planning for a while. But another reason why Franklin’s Gardens is great for venue hire right now is planning.

Planning is key for any great event, that was the case both before and after the lockdown. Venue hire needs an events team that can plan and help you to host an unforgettable event.

At Franklin’s Gardens, our team have a lot of resources to work with. Our venue in Northampton also has a variety of different venues; such as conference and meeting rooms.

Franklin’s Gardens is the ideal venue hire option for current times because of our outdoor space. As well as meeting and conference rooms, we have great outdoor venue spaces.

A great outdoor venue in Northampton

An important consideration in event hire right now is having fun while remaining socially distanced. From July 4th, the government are reducing their guidance over keeping a distance from 2m to 1m+. This means the minimum distance you must keep is 1m, but keep further apart if you can, providing flexibility for party venues and event hire options.

Unlike other venues in Northampton, Franklin’s Gardens has the space to host great events outdoors, and what makes us a great outdoor venue is how we furnish our outdoor space.

This means comfortable seating that complies with social distancing, accessible bars, and a fun atmosphere. As well as friendly, helpful staff.

Weddings are also allowed to be held outdoors with a maximum of 30 guests. Of course, these circumstances are not normal for us as a wedding venue.

But, that doesn’t mean we can’t work alongside you to create your dream day. Franklin’s Gardens has the outdoor space to be your dream wedding venue during these challenging times.

The world is starting to open up more and more. Despite what you may hear, it’s so important to remain aware that COVID-19 poses many risks. At Franklin’s Gardens, we’re aware of these risks and have taken steps to mitigate them. One of the biggest reasons we can do this is because of our great outdoor venue spaces.

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