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What makes a great meeting venue?

In the past 12 months, meeting venues have been empty. Drinks have been left unpoured, food unserved, and small and large events cancelled. The coronavirus pandemic has affected all aspects of society – millions of people have worked from home for months. However, we’re hopeful that in 2021 we’ll get much more than just a glimpse of normality.

When the world reopens, businesses are going to want to reconnect with staff and existing clients and connect with new prospects. A great way to do this is by booking meeting rooms and meeting venues that match your company’s values. During the downtime caused by the lockdown, meeting venues have been working on ways they can improve the service they deliver.

With many great meeting rooms available, it can be difficult to make a decision on which is right for your event. To help you find the best choice, we’ve compiled a list of factors to consider that will help you make the right decision.


Think, you find an amazing meeting venue, it’s as if the building has been taken from your imagination. You begin planning for the event, then someone points out the costs don’t work out; the meeting room is not within the allocated budget. Save yourself the disappointment and plan out your costs at the beginning of the booking process.

Agree on a budget, stick to it, and find the best venues within your price range. Being loyal to a budget doesn’t mean sacrificing on quality, it’s about ensuring the event is cost-effective. It also saves time as you can focus on the most relevant choices when making your decision.

Avoid booking a cheaper venue to save on money. While the low price may be an incentive in the short-term, the event could suffer if the facilities and service are poor. There may also be hidden costs and add-ons with cheaper venues, so do your research and make sure all costs are covered within your budget.


One crucial aspect of choosing a meeting venue is considering the facilities it offers: the main meeting space, adjacent rooms, as well as if it’s fully equipped with technology and accessories. When organising your event, search for a venue that offers everything you need. Refreshments and breakout rooms are also important factors to consider.

Modern meeting rooms need to incorporate technology into their space. This is something many venues have worked on over the previous 12 months. Improving guest’s access to WIFI, screen projector quality, and video conferencing software are all technologies that will improve your business event.


When you’re planning any business meetings, choose a location with travel links across the country. The town or city should be easily accessible by car and train, this makes the location convenient for all attendees. Free parking is also a big bonus to look out for when searching for the right venue.

The location should include any outdoor spaces the venue offers. When you’re planning the event, note down what spaces you want the day to include. Does it involve outdoor activities or is it an indoor conference? Choose a location that matches your requirements and even if your event is entirely indoors, an outdoor area at your venue is the perfect space to relax and socialise afterwards.


Staff can make or break the quality of an event. There is no such thing as the perfect venue, without the perfect staff. When you’ve found a prospective venue, speak to the staff and ask them questions; if they’re honest, helpful, and friendly, this is a great sign that the staff on the day of your event will be too.

Talk to the people who work at a prospective venue to see if they can provide the right service for your event. It may not be either party’s fault, but it’s important to know before you confirm the booking. During initial discussions, ask what support will be available. For example, if you’re using video conferencing software, check if there is on-site technical support available. If you want food and drink to be served, ask if there are in-house waiting staff and chefs.

Hybrid Events

The emergence from the lockdowns of the previous months should be momentous. However, a social distancing hangover may include people attending events virtually. This should be a positive thing. It means that people who may not have previously been able to attend an event now can; events like these that blend in-person and virtual communication are called hybrid events.

Hybrid events are going to grow in popularity over the next 12 months. When you’re searching for a venue, check if the options are fully equipped with video conferencing tools. You can also ask other technology-related questions, such as the WIFI strength and what is the available presentation equipment.

We hope this blog has helped you understand what makes a great meeting room venue. At Franklin’s Gardens, we offer the perfect space for business meetings and much more. We’re a unique meeting venue with a dynamic range of rooms available whose team works with you to ensure we deliver everything your event needs.

Explore our unique meeting room options, we’re sure there is an option that is the perfect choice for your event, or fill in an enquiry form for more information.

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