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Which Type Of Venue Is Right For Your Event?

If you’re organising an event, the perfect venue can turn a normal event into an unforgettable experience for all your guests. Venues and spaces can be the biggest outlay you spend. Given that they take up a large percentage of your budget, making the right call on your event venue is crucial.

It may feel intimidating when you’re trying to discover the perfect venue, however, the search doesn’t have to be complicated - it can even be enjoyable. You just need to know what to look for and where to start. The most important factor to consider is what type of event venue is right for you and your guests.

Which Type Of Venue Is Right For Your Event?

The 12 Types Of Event Venues

  1. Stadiums
  2. Hotels
  3. Restaurants
  4. Pubs
  5. Universities & Schools
  6. Sport Clubs
  7. Stately Homes
  8. Barns
  9. Galleries
  10. Marquees
  11. Conference Centres
  12. Brewery, Winery, Distilleries


A unique, multi-purpose event venue is a sports stadium. The perfect venue for your event needs to include innovative features. Bars and in-house catering, incredible architecture and views, and a variety of rooms are often features of sports stadiums.

Stadiums are an exciting event venue that adds charm to your event. At Franklin’s Gardens, we mix the modern features of a perfect venue with a vibrant cultural and sporting history. Whether it’s a business conference, birthday party, or your wedding, you can host an unforgettable event with our stadium.


Hotels come equipped with all the facilities you need to host the perfect event. They even provide a place for guests to stay once the event is over. Hotels may have an in-house restaurant, conference rooms, and even ballrooms. This is why they're a versatile event venue that’s a great fit for many events.


For a smaller event, restaurants can be an ideal choice. You can host a sit-down meal and drinks for work colleagues or a wedding reception. Choose the right restaurant as your event venue to match your needs, but make sure you search for a venue with enough capacity.

Pubs & Bars

Most people love going to the pub and the bar. Going for a drink is a great way to unwind and have a laugh with your friends. They’re also a great choice of venue for a variety of events. Hiring the right pub or bar as an event space ensures they’re affordable while still meeting all your needs. 

Universities & Schools

Universities and schools often have auditoriums that are perfect for highly attended conferences. If you’re hosting a business event, academic facilities can be a perfect choice. They’re also more affordable than other more conventional event venues.

Sport Clubs

Professional sports teams will have huge stadiums and arenas where they play. These can be a great choice for your event, however, smaller sports clubs will still have space ideal to use as an event venue. Football, rugby, and cricket clubs may feature event venues and spaces; you may also be able to use the sports facilities.

Stately Homes

If you’re looking for a timeless but classic venue, stately homes are a perfect choice. For a romantic backdrop for your wedding, with amazing photo opportunities, it’s hard to look past stately homes. Depending on the venue, they may offer catering as well.


Outdoor venues give a rustic charm to any event. Combining an outdoor barn with romantic decor creates an unforgettable venue for your wedding. While they can also be great for birthday parties as there's plenty of space for guests, bars and catering, and a dancefloor too. Contrary to what you may think, barns feature all the modern amenities you need.

Art Galleries

Art galleries are a unique venue choice, but makes sense when you think about their benefits and features. Often, they’ll have large, open spaces perfect for accommodating many guests. If a gallery has an art installation on show, it’s a great backdrop for your event. On the other hand, if you’re not interested in art, but still want a large venue used to hosting many guests, look no further than an art gallery.


Another outdoor venue that’s growing in popularity is marquees. You can hire out your own marquee and space, for total control, or hire one from an events company. Either way, choose somewhere with a picturesque backdrop and transform the structure with your choice of decor.

Conference Centres

Although many venues have conference facilities, explore purpose-built conference centres. If you’re looking to book a venue for a business conference, these locations will have all the AV equipment you need. Their staff will also have experience supporting you to host a conference.

Brewery, Winery, Distilleries

A tour of or an event at a brewery, winery, or distillery can be an unforgettable experience that delivers unmatched fun. It doesn’t have to be about drinking alcohol, it’s fascinating to explore the intriguing factories where alcohol is produced. If you’re looking for a unique atmosphere, these options may be perfect for your event.

Franklin’s Gardens

If you’re looking for an event venue dedicated to making sure your event is perfect, choose Franklin’s Gardens. Discover Franklin’s Gardens’ variety of event venues and spaces and visit our contact page for more information.

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