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Why Use External Meeting Rooms?

More and more people and businesses are using external meeting rooms for various purposes. Hiring a private meeting room to connect with customers, clients, and potential partners is an effective way to convey a professional image. With the right external meeting room, reaching your business’s goals becomes more achievable.

Business meetings provide opportunities to outline a new vision for your organisation, build better employee relationships, and close sale opportunities. This is why meeting rooms are incredibly important. The right external meeting room for your business offers a variety of unique benefits.

Benefits Of Using External Meeting Rooms

Increase Productivity

For in-house staff meetings to generate ideas, cultivating creativity is very important. Visiting new surroundings, facilities, and locations inspires fresh ideas and conversations amongst employees. This is why utilising external meeting rooms will increase staff productivity.

Whatever the purpose of the meeting, collaboration is always key. Choosing the right venue ensures the conference rooms and external meeting rooms are relevant to your meeting. This makes communicating and collaborating easy and increases productivity.


External booking of a meeting room provides your business with flexibility. Instead of booking up space in your workplace and office, choose an outside venue better suited to your demands. You also have control over when and where the meeting takes place without any interruptions. Different venues will provide various room sizes, so choose an option that’s the right fit for your meeting.  

Return On Investment

Sometimes businesses have to go the extra mile to secure new clients and customers. One of the best ways to do this is by conveying a professional image using an external meeting room. 

The cost of hiring the venue will be paid back long-term if you’re able to secure a sale. Hiring a meeting room also ensures the event runs smoothly as attentive staff are on hand when you need them.

More Facilities 

For modern meetings, the facilities are crucial. To host an effective and productive meeting, you need WIFI, conference equipment, and potentially virtual meeting software. Large meetings also require space, tables, and chairs. Facilities that may not be available in your workplace.

Investing in an external meeting room allows you to create an exciting, positive atmosphere. Staff, hospitality, and catering are all facilities you won’t likely have available at your workplace. Working with an external venue that provides these facilities can transform your ability to host a productive business meeting.


A meeting room outside your workplace gives you the advantage of choosing your location. When hosting an event for staff, choose a venue near transport routes and overnight accommodation if necessary. Organising a business meeting with clients and potential customers also allows you to choose a location suitable for all parties.

Franklin’s Gardens Meeting Rooms 

At Franklin’s Gardens, we’re a unique venue with a variety of business meeting rooms and conference spaces available in Northampton. Our external meeting rooms allow your staff to connect and build better inter-company relationships, promote a professional image to clients and customers, and host more effective meetings. Get in touch with Franklin’s Gardens to book yours.

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