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Tough Mudder 5K Obstacles

Tough Mudder is famous for having the best obstacles in the world. Tough Mudder 5K allows us to bring some of these EPIC obstacles to the heart of your city. 

Our 5K course is packed full of obstacles that you just can't conquer alone, so bring your friends along or make a few on the way, the choice is yours.

Pyramid Scheme


One of the most teamwork-inducing obstacles in the Tough Mudder portfolio, this obstacle is difficult to complete alone. You're going to have to work together to form a human pyramid and, like its namesake, climb up and over your fellow Mudders on the way to the top.

Giant A-Hole


At over 2 stories high, this is one of the most impressive obstacles in the UK. It is a giant A-shaped cargo net that you and your team will have to scramble up and over it. Working together will be the only way to overcome the city's newest inconvenient pain in the a**e.



A true Tough Mudder legend. Everest will challenge participants to run up a quarter pipe to reach the summit. Can't do it alone? Not to worry - teammates are encouraged to hang over the top to pull their new friends up and over.

Hangin' Out


Time to get swinging. Grab on, hold tight, feel the momentum and swing yourself from ring to ring like a regular Tarzan. This obstacle will test your strength, coordination and flow. Hang in there, you got this.

Hero Walls


Can't go through it, can't go round it, you'll have to go over it. Work together to boost and shimmy your teammates up and over this 10' Tough Mudder staple.

Get Low


It's not all about running at Tough Mudder 5K. You’ll need to channel you inner creepy crawly (think snake, worm, slime) and shimmy your way to freedom under this obstacle. Get down low, go go go and you’ll be just fine.



For Skidmarked we've taken the 10' Hero Walls and tilted them right at you. By removing the ability for you to climb up and over this wall, you will have to form a strategy with your team, work together and boost each other to the other side. Failing to work together will leave your team with a stain, like, well you know...

Clean and Jerk


‘Never leave a Mudder behind’ has found a whole new meaning at Tough Mudder 5K. While one of your team gets an easy ride, the rest of you will have to employ your best weightlifting skills to pick up and carry them to safety.

Devil's Beard


This obstacle will have you crawling on the ground, pinned down by a giant cargo net. Working your way through this one will require lots of communication, teamwork and a strong will.

Mudder Wheelbarrow


You know how it goes. Grab your teammate by the ankles and navigate this section of course as a strange adaptation of an inatimate object found in your garden shed.

Bale Bonds


The aim of the game is to get your team up and over this stack of super-sized hay bales. There is no right or wrong way so boost, shove or yank every last team member over the other side.

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