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The Best Team Building Games & Events For Businesses

Bringing your team together improves morale, increases productivity, and creates a happier work environment. However, whenever managers or business owners mention team-building events, often the response is less than enthusiastic. Providing the opportunity to participate in enjoyable team-building games can change staff’s perception and massively benefit your business.

Finding the right team-building venue helps you to host unique activities all team members will enjoy. Although we’re still in a pandemic, social distancing, and having to work from home, soon there will be the opportunity to host in-person team-building events. After a long time away from the office, there isn’t a better way for staff to reconnect and have fun as a team.

To help you organise team-building events that all staff enjoy, we’ve collected some great ideas you can use either virtually or in-person.

What Are The Best Team Building Games?

The government has announced its roadmap out of the current lockdown. Every business can begin planning on when they’re returning to their workplace. In the build-up to this return, meeting up virtually to participate in team-building games is a great way to reconnect.

Virtual Team Building Events 

The secret to hosting amazing team-building games virtually is the format. It may sound obvious, but keep the activities simple and exciting. This makes it easier for staff to join in and have fun. Choose games that the moderator can explain quickly. In-person it’s easier to explain the rules of a complicated team-building exercise, whereas virtually, it becomes more difficult.

A great example of a virtual game is ‘two truths, one lie.’ Each person participating has to write down three statements about themselves, two are true and one is a lie. Take turns reading out what they’ve written and everyone has to guess which statement isn’t true. This game is simple, fun, and acts as a great ice breaker. It’s also inclusive of staff as they have the decision over what they want to share, making sure it’s fun for everyone.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

The first steps out of the lockdown allow us to meet up outdoors. So, take advantage of the improving weather and chance to catch up with work colleagues in-person. Outdoor team-building events can be some of the most fun ways to interact and reconnect with staff after a year of remote working.

Split your team into two groups, or more depending on your number of staff and the rules in place at the time you arrange the team building event. You can host a traditional scavenger hunt or a unique variation. Switch it up by asking staff to complete a challenge, rather than find an item you’ve planted. For example, ask the teams to take a selfie with a particular object. You could also ask them to find the funniest item they can.

Indoor Blind Drawing

Divide your team into pairs and have each sit back to back. In the future, hopefully, this is possible, if not, stick to social distancing but make sure each person can’t see what the other is drawing. One participant has a pen and paper and the other has a picture or description of an object. The person with the picture has to describe what it is and the other person has to draw it based on their description.

After a time limit, they have to reveal what they’ve drawn and compare it to the original picture. This is a great team-building game as it encourages and improves communication. The best team-building events always have a purpose that should support work processes.

Franklin’s Gardens Team Building Events

As the world reemerges from the current lockdown, there isn’t a better way for staff to reconnect than with a great team-building event. Increase morale amongst staff, improve productivity and communication, and help everyone to get to know each other.

Discover a unique team-building venue that provides the opportunity to host great events, get in touch with Franklin’s Gardens.

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