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What Is Your Perfect Wedding Venue?

If you’re a newly engaged couple, there are so many things to think about while planning your wedding. On the journey towards your perfect, dream wedding you will have to make many decisions.

Choosing an idyllic wedding venue, catering, and decorations are only a few of the exciting decisions you get to make.

The perfect wedding venue is essential for any couple that wants to have their dream wedding. A unique wedding venue gives so much to your wedding day, the location, backdrop for wedding photos, and the indoor and outdoor space available are all important factors to consider.

To help you decide on the perfect wedding venue for you as a couple, we’ve put together this guide. Choosing a wedding venue is one of the first steps to take on the journey towards your dream wedding day.

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue

How to choose your perfect wedding venue

What Is Your Budget?

Before deciding on anything to do with your wedding, it’s important that as a couple you agree on a budget. Settling on a realistic budget can be a challenge. Decide how much you want to spend and then split up the budget until you’ve taken into account all the needs of your wedding day.

Often the biggest expense of any wedding is the wedding venue. Allocate a section of the budget that’s large enough to hire the perfect venue for you as a couple. On average, 25% of a budget is spent on the wedding venue. However, it’s important to take into account all aspects of your wedding; the venue, food, and photographer, for example.

Depending on the wedding venue you choose, they may offer package deals. Wedding packages often include exclusive room hire, catering, and special extras like complimentary champagne that add the finishing touches to your wedding day.

What Catering Do You Want For Your Wedding?

Your catering choices are a big part of your wedding day. The food and drink you and your guests enjoy can make a special day no one will forget. Catering can also reflect your personality as a couple, the theme of your wedding, and your culture. Make sure you choose a wedding venue that can suit your catering needs.

Many wedding venues offer in-house catering, do your research and decide if a venue’s catering is right for you. Hiring a wedding venue that handles your catering, the bar, and staff is much easier to organise and manage. It can also be cost-effective as you're only working with one company and they may offer package deals.

Find The Right Wedding Venue Package

You and your partner must find a venue that offers the right package for your special day. Everyone’s dream wedding is unique to them. One of the ways you can ensure the venue is tailored for you is with a wedding coordinator. Your venue should provide one to you who is responsible for organising the venue before and during your wedding.

The right wedding venue package should have clear costs that are easy to understand. For example, at Franklin’s Gardens, our packages are based on cost per person based on minimum numbers for your chosen package. There is a cost for ceremony hire depending on your chosen room and the number of guests. Having clear costs takes the stress away from hiring your dream wedding venue.

Franklin’s Gardens Wedding Venues

At Franklin’s Gardens, we’re a unique wedding venue in Northampton dedicated to helping couples have their perfect wedding day. We offer a variety of packages, rooms, and outdoor spaces to help you host an unforgettable event for you and your guests.

Our events team is always available before, during, and after your wedding to answer questions. We aim to help all our guests host their dream wedding day. Franklin’s Gardens provide a dedicated wedding coordinator to organise your special day. For added convenience, you and your guests are also offered preferred rates with local hotels as well.

Discover Franklin’s Gardens' variety of wedding venue spaces and visit our contact page for more information.

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